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The usefulness and upkeep of the curtains go hand in hand. They seem neat and tidy if they are carefully maintained, and they do not harbour germs or allergens on the inside. However, if you clean and steam iron them afterward, you won’t have to spend a fortune on their care. If they are not ironed properly, they may appear untamed and wrinkled, reducing their visual appeal. If your curtains are made of natural textiles like silk, cotton, or linen, you will need to take extra care of them. When steam cleaning and ironing such clothes, you must use extreme caution.

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Curtain Pressing Cleaning Process

Here is how curtain Pressing is done: 

  • To begin, place the iron board near where your curtains are strung in a handy spot. This will allow you to hang the curtains quickly after they have been pressed, without having to worry about creases.
  • After that, the iron should be set to the type of curtain cloth. This ensures that the fabric is pressed correctly and with the correct amount of heat. Anything less or more than that will cause the cloth to be destroyed because it will not be able to endure the same amount of heat.
  • Half-fill a spray bottle with water and squirt it on the curtains to professionally press them. Make sure the curtains are damp before ironing them.
  • After you’ve finished the preceding steps, you’re ready to start ironing. To help you control the length of the curtains, make sure they are ironed from top to bottom. Remember to adjust the curtain position before repeating the process in the same order.
  • Patience is required for effective curtain pressing. One small misstep might damage your curtains and put your life in jeopardy.
  • After completing the upper portion of the curtain and letting the lower portion to rest on the iron board, hang it. Iron the lower portion of the curtain in the same manner.

As previously said, it is vital to understand the fabric type and attributes before commencing the ironing procedure. Because not all curtain material can withstand a certain temperature, getting the iron temperature just right is crucial. Clients may find it difficult to comprehend these minor details, thus we advise them to hire a curtain Pressing cleaning Bally Bally specialist.

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Benefits of Curtain Pressing:-

  • Elongate the life and appearance of curtains
  • Kills moulds and germs
  • Ironing clothing with steam softens and returns fabric fibers to their original state.
  • Removes unwanted odors
  • Safe than dry cleaning as no harsh chemicals are used
  • Enhanced look of curtains


Do you iron your curtains before putting them up?

To remove any creases, start by steaming or ironing your drapes. Simply ironing your draperies, on the other hand, will cause them to spread out at the bottom instead of hanging uniformly with the built-in pleats.

Is steaming better than ironing?

On heavy and durable textiles and weaves like linen, wool, and denim, an iron will offer a clean and crisp finish, and will be more efficient than steaming. It’s perfect for any item that requires a precise crease.

What is the most effective method for ironing curtains?

If you wish to iron your curtains, do it with a steam iron (on a low setting) while they are still hanging. Curtains that require more intensive ironing should be ironed flat on an ironing board with a cloth over them on a higher setting.

How to press curtains at home?

The quickest and easiest approach to remove creases from your curtains is to use a steam iron.

Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your curtains and set the iron to the proper temperature to avoid any damage.

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